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Genetic Testing

Susanne Ramos, MD

OB/GYNs located in Santa Barbara, CA

Genetic testing has evolved into a powerful tool that promises unprecedented insights into your health and well-being. In addition to traditional genetic testing, we now offer Galleri™, a multi-cancer early detection test. With precision and depth, it scans for early signs of multiple cancers, revolutionizing the path to early detection and intervention. This breakthrough couldn't be timelier, as it aligns seamlessly with Dr. Susanne Ramos' commitment to proactive and personalized care.

Genetic Testing Q&A

Close up photo of a micropipette dosing Eppendorf tubes mounted on a plastic rack

What is genetic testing, and how does it work?

Genetic testing is a medical technique that examines an individual's DNA to identify changes or mutations in their genes. It helps assess the risk of inherited conditions and provides insights into potential health outcomes. Genetic testing involves analyzing a sample of blood, saliva, or tissue to identify specific genetic variations.

What is Galleri™ and how is it different from other genetic tests?

Galleri™ is a comprehensive genetic test designed to detect early-stage cancer and certain genetic conditions. Unlike traditional genetic tests that focus on specific genes, Galleri™ analyzes a broader range of genetic markers associated with various cancers. This test can potentially identify cancer signals even before symptoms appear.

Where can I find more information about Galleri™ genetic testing?

You can find more information about Galleri™ genetic testing, its benefits, and the testing process on the official Galleri™ website at Additionally, you can explore resources on genetic testing and healthcare at
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